Lucky Lady II Fishing Charters

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ's
Question? What time do you usually meet to leave on the fishing trip: What time do we get back?

Answer: Normally around 6-6:30 AM but that can be flexible depending on your travel time, lets talk about it.  As far as coming back, that is up to you, if you catch your limit we can fish and release until it is time to come in or we can call it a day, your choice.
Question? How many fish can you have and are there any restrictions on size, etc?

Answer: That is an excellent question, there are limits of 1 fish 18 inches or more before a set date for trophy season and then you can take 2 fish of 18 inches or more at another date. Please check with me for the dates/limits.
Question? How do you determine the weather for a particular trip? What if there is bad weather.

Answer: I try my best to keep up with the latest weather reports and if there is inclement weather we can either fish if it is not too bad or re-schedule. If there is a safety issue we will be forced to re-schedule. When In doubt safety is always the most important thing but I have fished in the rain many times.
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