Lucky Lady II Fishing Charters

Directions: March to June Chesapeake Beach
June to November Essex Maryland
From March until early June the Lucky Lady II is located at Chesapeake Beach: from Baltimore take 97 South to 50 South and take a right turn at Route 665 towards Arlis T. Allen Boulevard, keep right and take Route 2 South (Solomons Island Road) about 7 miles through two tournabouts until you make a left at Chesapeake Beach Road and follow that until you turn slight right on to Route 261 Bayside Road until it ends and then turn right on Chesapeake Beach Avenue and follow it over the bridge to the Chesapeake Hotels and Casino. The Lucky Lady II moored there.

June to November I am located at my home; Take 95 to 695 East and follow that until you take 702 towards Essex, go until you hit the tournabout and keep straight on 702. Turn left at Turkey Point Road and follow it until you turn right on Sue Grove Road. Follow that road around to the right until you end at my house at 917 Sue Grove Road.

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